Emacs mu4e: auto-complete mail addresses

I love auto-complete package. I wish it was more commonly used by other emacs packages. But luckily auto-complete is very easy to use(*). Below is a small snippet to use auto-complete mode for completing mail addresses when writing an e-mail with mu4e. (*) provided that you already have a nice list of candidates to choose […]

Python code to convert ligth wave length to RGB color

This is a small python function to convert a wave length of light to its corresponding RGB color. Note that this is a crude approximation. Calculating the actual RGB representation of a specific wave length is rather tricky. You could also say it’s impossible. That’s because your computer screen can only show a limited range […]

My Review of Lenovo T440s

This is my review of Lenovo T440s. It doesn’t cover much. It’s more like notes about things that have annoyed me with this device. Touchpad I knew that touchpad wasn’t good before buying this device. No review that I read has skipped that point. I thought, how bad it could be? Maybe it’s not as […]

Script to Install Debian Packages as a Group

This is a python script to install debian packages as a group. This will allow you to remove the packages you don’t need easily when you want to clean your system. When you install a package using `apt-get` it will mark all packages that are installed as it’s dependencies as “automatically installed”. When an “automatically […]

Emacs shell-mode and auto-complete integration

Looks nice, doesn’t it? First you need to install bash-completion mode which will improve shell-mode completion by using bash’s completion support. Note that, at this moment bash-completion mode doesn’t work for me (bash –version = 4.3.11). This is probably the case for you as well. No worries, there is a fix that is not merged […]

pcb2blender – Move your pcb files to 3D with Blender

I have been working on a tool for a while, which converts your pcb design files to Blender 3D models and allows you to render fancy images. Blender is a free and awesome 3D design tool. pcb2blender only supports Eagle files for now but adding support for more tools won’t be an issue. Above image […]

My first English post

Hi, This is my first English post. My blog is mainly in Turkish. But I want to share some tips in English too. So this time I set up my blog as bilingual. If you see any mistakes I made writing please let me now. I would be greateful if you help me improve my […]