Tag: emacs

  • Elisp function to hide unittest in dlang

    Here is a small snippet for emacs hide-show mode that quickly folds all unittest blocks.

  • Emacs mu4e: auto-complete mail addresses

    I love auto-complete package. I wish it was more commonly used by other emacs packages. But luckily auto-complete is very easy to use(*). Below is a small snippet to use auto-complete mode for completing mail addresses when writing an e-mail with mu4e. (*) provided that you already have a nice list of candidates to choose […]

  • Emacs on-the-fly (as you type) syntax checking for VHDL [flycheck, nvc]

    Flycheck is an on the fly syntax checker for Emacs. When configured properly it performs really great. Flycheck itself doesn’t do syntax checking. It uses external tools for that. There are many syntax checker tools out there for programming languages like C and python, but none for vhdl. Then I’ve noticed that error output of […]

  • Emacs shell-mode and auto-complete integration

    Looks nice, doesn’t it? First you need to install bash-completion mode which will improve shell-mode completion by using bash’s completion support. Note that, at this moment bash-completion mode doesn’t work for me (bash –version = 4.3.11). This is probably the case for you as well. No worries, there is a fix that is not merged […]