Script to Install Debian Packages as a Group

This is a python script to install debian packages as a group. This will allow you to remove the packages you don’t need easily when you want to clean your system.

When you install a package using `apt-get` it will mark all packages that are installed as it’s dependencies as “automatically installed”. When an “automatically installed” package is not needed by a “user installed” package it can be “automatically removed”. So when you install an application with `apt-get` it’s easy to remove its unnecessary dependencies. But if you frequently build and install applications from source, you will be installing bunch of packages which are build dependencies. And those packages will not be marked as “automatically installed”. Even if you mark them somehow, you need a parent package that depends on them to prevent them to be uninstalled with `apt-get autoremove`.

And this is where `` will help you. It will create a dummy package with dependencies that you specify and install that package with gdebi. That way you can clean your system from these packages easily, by removing that dummy package and running `apt-get autoremove` afterwards.

You can find `` at my public git repository:

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