Fix the sticky top navigation bars on websites

I hate sticky top navigation bars (what are they actually called?)! I just hate them. If I wanted to reach your search bar or wanted to switch to homepage I can press the `Home` button and I’m at top. Or I can flick my smooth scrolling wheel and I’m there. Or I just click my mouse wheel, with a slight mouse movement; I’m up there.

If you really want to provide some sort of instant navigation, put it in the sidebar. That’s what it’s for! Leave my vertical space for the content! It gets even worse on the mobile! Not everyone owns a giant 5.5″ mobile beast. I like my 4″ tiny screen. It’s just enough. [UPDATE: now I own a 5.5″ mobile beast, it turns out, those bars still cover a good portion of screen estate, urghh] But those idiots, put not 1 but 2 layers of sticky top panels there and drive me crazy.

I’ve just noticed my angry English sucks. So I will keep it short.

Here is a greasemonkey script that I’ve forked from this one. It tries to disable sticky top panels. Be warned though, this is just an ugly hack. It may (will) potentially break the interface in some cases.

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  1. Hey man, you are not alone: I hate them too! This is not just sucks, this seems like the whole world have gone stupid with such modern UI design. First this is black and white mania when icons are not distinctive from each other, flat design with letters of half-screen size and now this shit. Sometimes these panels take about 30% of my laptop screen (google forums f.ex.). Seems like someone wants we drop our computers and do something else. This era of decadence have gone too far, what’s next? Thanks for the script!

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