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  • Table for Selecting STM32 F4 Timers

    If you didn’t know already, STM32 F4 MCU’s can have a lot of timers. And not all of them are the same. Some are feature packed, some are 32 bits, some doesn’t support certain interrupt types. Even the most feature-full one may not have a specific function you need. In software you are free to […]

  • Fix the sticky top navigation bars on websites

    I hate sticky top navigation bars (what are they actually called?)! I just hate them. If I wanted to reach your search bar or wanted to switch to homepage I can press the `Home` button and I’m at top. Or I can flick my smooth scrolling wheel and I’m there. Or I just click my […]

  • My first English post

    Hi, This is my first English post. My blog is mainly in Turkish. But I want to share some tips in English too. So this time I set up my blog as bilingual. If you see any mistakes I made writing please let me now. I would be greateful if you help me improve my […]